Facts & Stats

The Area

Hot Springs Village provides a wide range of virtually unlimited outdoor activity and natural beauty just outside the revered national park and city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. A brief 37-minute drive from the Natural State’s capital city, Little Rock, Hot Springs Village is proud to be the largest gated community in the United States. The active community combines the best of the surrounding natural environment with a rich tradition of arts, entertainment, food and recreation. Hot Springs Village is recognized as one of ideal-LIVING’s Best Lake Communities, setting it as a prime year-round staycation destination!

Over 26,000 lush acres in the Ouachita Mountains


Conveniently Located

Hot Springs Village is centrally located in the heart of ‘The Natural State’.

30 Minutes to Hot Springs (map)

1 Hour to Little Rock (map)

3 Hours to Memphis (map)

3.5 Hours to Shreveport (map)

4 Hours to Branson (map)

4.5 Hours to Tulsa (map)

4.5 Hours to Springfield (map)

5 Hours to Dallas (map)

5.5 Hours to Oklahoma City (map)

5.5 Hours to Jackson (map)

6 Hours to Nashville (map)

6.5 Hours to Kansas City (map)

6.5 Hours to St. Louis (map)

6.5 Hours to Birmingham (map)

7.5 Hours to Austin (map)

8.5 Hours to Mobile (map)




Up 40% since 2000

Population: 15,712
Up 40% since 2000

Households: 7,689
11% with children

Average Value: $208,145
89% Owned
11% Rented
17% Vacant

Avg. Residency: 19 Years

Average Income


Per Year

Average Income:
$66,108 Per Year

25% High School
7% Associate
20% Bachelor
13% Graduate

Average Age

62 Years

Gender: 48% Male 52% Female

Average Age: 62 Years

48% Male & 52% Female

Size: 90.4 mi²

Crime Rate: Below Average

By The Numbers

Property Taxes

The State of Arkansas does not have a property tax; however, Arkansas cities and counties do collect a property tax, which is the principal source of revenue for funding local public schools. Arkansas is blessed to be in the Top 10 in the nation for the lowest real estate property taxes in America.

Combined with low taxes, low housing costs and 4 distinct seasons, Hot Springs Village is a great choice to live, work and play.

Personal Income Taxes

Personal income tax is levied statewide and not on the local level. The following information is from 2017.

For incomes less than $21,000 per year:

Taxable Income Tax Rate
$0 – $4,299 0.9%
$4,300 – $8,399 2.4%
$8,400 – $12,599 3.4%
$12,600 – $20,999 4.4%

For incomes between $21,000 and $75,000:

Taxable Income Tax Rate
$21,000 – $35,099 5%
$35,100 – $75,000 6%

For incomes more than $75,000:

Taxable Income Tax Rate
$75,000 and above 6.9%

Incomes between $75,000 and $80,000 shall reduce the amount of income tax due by deducting bracket adjustment as set forth below:

Taxable Income Tax Deduction
$75,001 – $76,000 $440
$76,001 – $77,000 $340
$77,001 – $78,000 $240
$78,001 – $79,000 $140
$79,001 – $80,000 $40
$80,001 and above $0

If our cost of living isn’t enough of a reason to choose Hot Springs Village, then check out the weather you could be enjoying this week. 

Sources of Income Not Taxed in Arkansas

  • Social Security benefits
  • Military pensions
  • Inheritances and estates
  • Railroad retirement benefits

Gas Prices in Arkansas

  • Gas prices in Arkansas are lower than the national average (about 80% of the national average).